Redistricting Community College Curriculum

Traditionally, redistricting has been a secretive and exclusive process. CHARGE designed the Redistricting Community College so your community can actively engage in the 2021-2022 redistricting process – at every level of government – from school board to congressional redistricting.

The CHARGE Redistricting Community College is a 6-part series. From beginning to end, the entire training is 3 hours. The live trainings include breakout workshops to give you hands-on practice.

Here is the video from April's Redistricting Community College training.

CHARGE Redistricting Community College Training Overview


Part 1. Introduction to Redistricting

  • What is Redistricting? How does it work? Why should we care?

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Part 2. Voting Rights Act

  • What is the Voting Rights Act? How does it protect minority communities?

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Part 3. Community Mapping - Training for Trainers

  • Why is community mapping important?

  • How do we define our community? What stories are we looking for? What data would help?

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Breakout: Learning to use the free community mapping apps

  • How do we use the free mapping apps? What are the features?

  • How do we share maps in a coalition?

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Part 4. Redistricting Timeline and Rules

Part 5. Redistricting Advocacy: Improving Transparency and Providing Testimony

  • How do we advocate, in virtual and in-person settings, for more transparent and inclusive procedures?

  • How do we give effective testimony?

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Breakout: Crafting Testimony

Part 6. Redistricting Coalition Building and Organizing

  • How do we do a power analysis?

  • How do we build strong coalitions? What are effective organizing strategies to build power?

Breakout: Crafting a Power Analysis

  • How to build coalitions and reach communities

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